Student Orientation 2021-2022


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Florida Department of Agriculture

Board Members

  • Donnelyn Khourie
  • Charles Devers
  • Chris Fogel
  • Chris Robertson
  • John Pierson
  • Ademil Castrillo
  • Glenda Rambo


Doctor Donnelyn Khourie – Superintendent 

Phillip German – Director of Operations/Interim Principal

Simone Tillman – Human Resources Department

Erin Askew – English Department Head/Guidance Department

Christie Cameron – Math Department Head/Guidance Department

Christopher Olsen – History Department Head

Aylen Brancacho – Science Department Head

Instructional Faculty and Staff

English Department – Maurice Reid, Feonia Terralonge, Nadia Albury

Mathematics Department – Kimberly Skulski,

Science Department – Jaleesa White, Kadisha Brown

History Department – Daphney Harrison, Tiffany Owens

Electives – Joshua Hood, Brian Lewis, Sierra Horne, Dennis Grim, Emelyn Rivera, Jasmine Kelly

Mission Statement

“The mission of Synergy School of Tomorrow is to provide an excellent education for all students, in a safe faith-based environment.”

Our mandate is to develop a learning environment that targets the heart and soul of every student by tapping into their God endowed gifts and talents through pathway options, as well as, exposing them to a unique style of blended classes, and to inspire them to demonstrate their faith-based values.

Vision Statement

Synergy School of Tomorrow’s vision is to produce students who are fully devoted followers of God, who are fully prepared to enter the workforce and/or college as productive and successful members of society. Synergy is committed to provide various opportunities for student achievement through certifications, dual enrollment, apprenticeship training and, clinical/hands-on simulations. Synergy recognizes that every student learns differently; therefore, we offer two distinctive educational pathways, which includes vocational training and/or college preparatory.

Back to School Instructional Model

Synergy School of Tomorrow will closely monitor the recommendations and the guidelines of the CDC, and we will also closely monitor the safety protocols and procedures of St. Lucie County Schools. Currently, all students are to return to face-to-face instruction, and masks will remain an option for parents and children. Accommodations for virtual instruction will be made for students who may be required to quarantine.

Attendance Policy

Daily attendance is recorded by the teacher. For a student to be considered at school all day, the student MUST be in school until 11:30am. Accurate documentation is necessary for student records; therefore, it is very important that attendance procedures are followed.  Middle and high school teachers must take attendance in every class and notify the office of any discrepancies.  The official daily attendance will be taken during Homeroom.  For dual enrollment high school students, the first scheduled period of the day on campus will be used to determine daily attendance.  Secondary attendance must also be taken daily by class period.


Synergy utilizes three different curriculums depending on the student’s grade and learning style. Students in grades K-5 use the ABeka curriculum, Bob Jones Curriculum, or Christian Light curriculum for special educational plan needs.  Students in 6- 12th grade use the Abeka curriculum, Bob Jones, and other Locally Developed Courses that meet the Florida Department of Education Standards including but not limited to: Florida Virtual School and Indian River State College courses.  Home Educated students may use the above, or a curriculum of choice pre-approved by the administration of Synergy.

Covid-19 School Safety Plan & Guidelines

  • Students will be sitting in assigned seats both in school and on the bus to help with any contact tracing that may occur.
  • Hand washing and respiratory etiquette will be reinforced in school.
  • All school facilities will be cleaned daily using CDC approved, hospital grade disinfectants.
  • High touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently throughout the day.
  • Schools will have a designated clinic and an isolation room. The clinic will be available to serve the day to day needs of students such as the administration of routine prescription medicine, ice packs and band-aids. The isolation room will be used if a student presents with any Covid-19 symptoms. Parents will be contacted immediately to pick up students who are ill.
  • Bi-polar ionization in air filtration will be used to reduce 99% of microbes

Covid-19 School Safety Plan & Guidelines For Parents

  • I will use the Daily Home Health Screener every morning and see if my child has any symptoms such as a cough, runny nose or shortness of breath. If my child has a temperature of 100.4° or higher or has any other symptoms, I will keep them home until they are fever free for 24 hours.
  • I will make sure my child has their face covering, if I want them to wear it, and a water bottle.
  • I will keep an open line of communication with my child’s school and reach out for support and assistance if I have any questions or concerns.
  • I will keep my contact information updated so that the school can contact me if they need to.
  • I will model healthy hygiene habits for my children at home including the importance of hand washing and social distancing.

Covid-19 School Safety Plan & Guidelines For Students On their way to school

  • When waiting for the bus I will practice social distancing by staying 3 feet from others.
  • I will use hand sanitizer as I board the bus and sit in my assigned seat.
  • When I arrive at school I will enter the school at the assigned entry point and move quickly to my assigned location. I will not walk in groups or congregate with others in the morning.

Covid-19 School Safety Plan & Guidelines For Students In the classroom

  • When I’m in my classroom I will stay 3 feet apart from others whenever possible.
  • I will wash my hands frequently throughout the day and use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not accessible.
  • When I am changing classes or going to special areas I will practice social distancing while following all directional signs.

Student Safety

  • Synergy has employed a full-time safety team to help keep our students safe.
  • Each classroom will have the District color coded poster that defines what each emergency is and what the teachers and students should do during each drill
  • Social distancing guidelines will be followed on campus

School Hours

  • 8:30am – 3:00pm
  • Instruction begins promptly at 9:00am

Drop off/Pick up

  • Registered Morning Care students may enter at 7:30am
  • Parent drop-off without registration begins at 8:15am
  • After 9:00am Parents must come to the front office and sign-in a student who is tardy
  • Parents must present ID and come to the front office to sign students out of school for early release NO LATER than 2:30pm
  • Car riders/Parent pick-up are to line up behind the buses. These students will only be released after bus dismissal
  • Student drivers must have a Florida driver’s license (not a permit) and complete the permission waiver forms and display their parking tag

Uniforms - Middle School

Students MUST wear:

  • Polo or spirit shirt with school logo 
  • Navy, black, or khaki uniform bottoms (shorts, pants, or skirts) worn at or above the hip bone
  • Blue jeans with no rips or tears
  • Closed-toe and closed- heel shoes

Uniforms - High School

Be covered from shoulders to knees

  • All tops must have sleeves and the abdomen must be covered.  Shirts must NOT show abdomen during a reach test.   
  • If pants or shorts are worn that have rips or frays above the knee, a non-sheer fabric must be sewn in or worn under the pants.
  • Due to security reasons, all students must be able to be identified at all times; therefore, Hoodies may not be worn to cover the student’s head

Uniform Regulations

Students Must NOT Wear:

  • House slippers in any form or clothing that is pajama type in nature
  • Anything that exposes undergarments or is see-through or sheer in nature, or is tight and revealing
  • Anything that has holes, tears or frays of any kind
  • Clothing, accessories, bandanas, jewelry or flags associated with gangs or referencing drugs, tobacco, alcohol, weapons, violence, or sex. The only acceptable flag is the United States Flag ( stars & stripes).
  • Accessories that create a safety concern (wallet chains, studded necklaces, wrist bands, rings, hair picks, large combs)
  • T-shirts, tank tops, or halter tops over collared shirts. Long shirts that go past mid hipbone
  • Leggings, jeggings, athletic shorts/pants, board shorts, or sweatpants, including Nike or Adidas-style sweatpants and “joggers”
  • Hoodies may be worn, but must be size appropriate and may not extend past the hips (hoods may not be worn inside the school building.)
  • Head wear, including but not limited to hats, visors, bandanas. hoods on head, sunglasses (on face while in school), shower caps, stocking/wave caps
  • Flip Flops, Crocs (regardless of strap), or backless shoes

Bell To Bell - NO CELL

Cell Phone Usage Is Prohibited On School Campus!


  • A morning and a lunch meal will be provided to every student. A student may also bring their own lunchbox. However, students may not bring any other outside food or open containers, such as hot beverages
  • Placing food orders for delivery are prohibited
  • Parents may drop off meals after 12:00pm and before 1:00pm for family members only
  • Parents may eat with their child at a preapproved time and place
  • All class celebration party food must be store-bought and prepackaged

Faith-Based Instruction

  • Each day begins with Morning Prayer and Devotion
  • Students are taught from a Bible-based curriculum
  • Middle school students attend Chapel on Tuesdays during homeroom
  • High school students attend Chapel on Thursdays during homeroom

School-wide Behavior initiative

  • Pray

  • Reason

  • Attitude Adjustment

  • Yield

Let’s Have an Awesome school year!

For over 20 years, we have provided a unique and individualized program. Each student at Synergy and FSCA is given the opportunity to shine in areas in which he or she is passionately called to, and also to develop greater competence and self-reliance in areas that may pose academic challenges.

Our goal is to develop a lifelong love of learning within our students and encourage them to think deeply and embrace the challenges that lie ahead. By using a more holistic approach, we are able to nurture and admonish the whole student, spirit, soul and body.

As a pastor, I hope to encourage and train up our students in The Word of God and to inspire them to know God personally.
As a parent, I impart some of the same lessons to my children at home. We want our students—and our children—to learn and push themselves in a safe faith-based environment that respects the process of growth and maturation. We look forward to sharing our school and our unique style of instruction with you and your family.

Yours Truly,

Dr. Donnelyn Khourie –  Superintendent