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The Synergy School of Tomorrow offers high quality, custom core courses both online and in person and focuses classroom education on 21st Century Skills.  Accredited courses are aligned with state standards, and prepare students for post-secondary education and training, while the apprenticeship program gives students everything they need to go directly into the job market.

Students select a Training Academy that focuses their interests and allows them to stay ahead of their peers and enter the job market with well-defined skills while earning degrees, diplomas, and certifications in college, vocational, and trades programs.

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“The mission of Synergy School of Tomorrow is to provide an excellent education for all students, in a safe faith-based environment.”


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Dr. Donnelyn Khourie

Dr. Donnelyn Khourie

CEO | Superintendent 

Ray Askew

Ray Askew

Chief Financial Officer

Simone Tillman

Simone Tillman

Human Resources |

Food Service Administrator 

Maria Campos

Maria Campos

District Office Manager


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