Our construction program will increase your knowledge with experience

An instructional program that prepares individuals for employment or continued education in the fields of Carpentry, Electrical Wiring, Masonry, and Plumbing. 

It includes teaching the fundamentals of safety, tools, math, and basic carpentry, electrical, masonry, and plumbing skills. The instructional method will emphasize practical skills while laying a sound foundation for further academic pursuit.

In addition to practical training in the workshop, field trips to local construction job sites and trades businesses will be encouraged. Such visits will expose students to a wide range of current research and practical development in building construction

SPARC Program:  Providing the platform for high school students to complete the IRSC technical certificates in lasers, photonics, fiber optics, solar, robotics, and geometrical optics while still in high school. Students who wish to continue the program will have the opportunity to earn an AS Degree in Electronics Engineering.

Drone Training: Students will have the opportunity to earn their Remote Pilot Certificate through the FAA to become a drone pilot studying concepts such as airspace management, aeronautical decision-making and judgement, crew resource management, radio communications procedures, and much more!

Engineering Fundamentals and Drafting:  Take courses in Introduction to Electrical Engineering, Practical Electronics, Design and Manufacturing and much more!  Students will receive hands-on training while completing large projects such as home repair, remodeling, and building and design.

Geographic Information Systems:  Learn to capture, store, check, and display data related to positions on Earth’s surface for use in careers such as law enforcement, city/urban planning, developers, cartographers, and more!

Synergy Construction Trade School